BEM FTP Collaboration with the Kaleidoscope Bulletin in the Street Library

(Indonesian) Tata Tertib Ujian Akhir Semester Ganjil 2019/2020
Desember 2, 2019
(Indonesian) Daftar Mahasiswa Presensi Kehadiran Kurang dari 80 % Ganjil 2019/2020
Desember 3, 2019

BEM FTP Collaboration with the Kaleidoscope Bulletin in the Street Library

The Ministry of Strategic Action Study (KASTRAT) of BEM FTP 2019 held a Street Library activity on the front page of the Banyan Tree FTP on Friday (8/11). This time BEM FTP 2019 collaborated with the Agricultural Technology Kaleidoscope Bulletin (KTP). In this bulletin BEM FTP raised all issues or discussions that have been carried out by Kastrat BEM this year. Thus, FTP students can not only be literated by borrowing books provided by BEM, but are also invited to get to know the issues that occur at FTP.

KASTRAT BEM FTP 2019 Conduct the Street Library in an effort to increase the interest in reading FTP students

Issues brought about in the activities of the street library such as the policy of admission stickers, shuttle buses, online motorcycle taxis, polls on the efficiency of English classes at FTP, PTN-BH, discussions about moving the capital city of Jakarta, demands for the implementation of UKT reduction policies, demands for transparency UKT classification and related to solving problems related to UB-Kediri.

“Student friends can easily read or borrow these books directly with certain procedures. These books are obtained from FTP students who are willing to lend their books and must be returned to the next Street Library. For FTP friends who borrow are required to fill out a form stating that they are willing to maintain and take responsibility in the event of damage or loss of books. ” Obviously one of the representatives of KEMTRAT BEM FTP 2019.

BEM FTP 2019 hopes that by holding this activity, more and more students will actively participate in literacy so that they not only excel in scientific insights but also excel in cultural, social and state sciences. (Din)

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