International Guest Lecture Efficiency Improvement from Mahidol University Thailand

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Mei 2, 2017
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Mei 7, 2017

International Guest Lecture Efficiency Improvement from Mahidol University Thailand

IMG_1989Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Brawijaya held an international  guest lecture entitled “The Foundation on Efficiency Improvement”, Tuesday (04/02/2017). Presenting Sarisa Pechpoothong from Mahidol University Thailand, this guest lecture held in FTP Hall 2nd floor starting at 08.00 WIB was attended by about 500 students majoring in Technology of Agricultural Products Department and Agro Industry  Technology Department.

In his presentation, Sarisa explained that efficiency is needed for better performance for optimal results. “The basic thing to be aware of in life is efficiency, not just in learning or working, but let’s make efficiency as our culture.Learning from Japanese culture, there is actually a 5-S principle in efficiency.The five S are Seiri – Sort, Seiton – Stabilize, Seiso – Shine, Seiketsu – Standardize and Shitsuke – Sustain. ” He explained.

“Seiri or Sort means clearing, so clean or sort your stuff Separate which is useful and not. Use Red Tag Strategy .This is marking goods that have been used again with red labels The cleaner the table of the goods Not useful, will be more efficient the work area. Seiton – Stabilize which means is the next step after the separation of goods useful and not.In this second step is known the term Signboard Strategy, which is placing the goods useful neatly and regularly and then given an explanation about Place, name and quantity of the goods so that when the goods will be used easily and quickly accessed. Seiso – Shine or cleanlines is cleaning the goods that have been laid out. Seiketsu – Standardize is the next step after seiri, seiton, and seiso, A neat and clean working environment becomes a standart  work. While the last S is Shitsuke – Sustain where we must be self – conscious and always discipline against the standards that we have set, mutual respect, shame to commit offenses and happy to make improvements, ” she added.

The coordinator of this international guest lecture, Jaya Mahar Maligan, STP.MP., said that guest lectures with foreign lecturers aims to increase student insight as well as initiate sustainability in the field of research and cooperation opportunities between FTP UB and Mahidol University Thailand. (dse)

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