Field Trip of Environmental Engineering Students to MCK Terpadu Tlogomas

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Field Trip of Environmental Engineering Students to MCK Terpadu Tlogomas

Clean water is one of an important aspect of life. As the population growth continues to increase, also with the liquid waste. This impact causes the water in the river to be increasingly polluted. One of the steps to overcome this is using the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). An understanding of wastewater treatment can be deepened if students see directly how WWTP works. Therefore, on May 4th, students of Environmental Engineering FTP UB made a field trip to the MCK Terpadu. Integrated MCK is located at Jalan Tirta Rona, RT 03, RW 07, Tlogomas, Malang.

Integrated MCK is one of the communal WWTPs that has won numerous national and international awards and is one of the pilot wastewater treatment plants in Indonesia. The integrated MCK Tank AG CBSS has been built since 1986. The WWTP was initiated by the ideas of PKK mothers and was designed by Mr. Agus Gunarto. The treated waste originating from septic tanks from 100 households is channeled by pipes to the processing site through communal pipelines to the waste collection tank.

During this field visit, FTP UB Environmental Engineering students became more aware of the application of direct water treatment. The hope is by understanding waste water treatment in practice, students can certainly develop this technology for the better in the future. So, this idea is not only applied in Malang City, but in other cities throughout Indonesia.

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