Al Amri Islamic High School Probolinggo Visit FTP

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Maret 2, 2017
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Maret 8, 2017

Al Amri Islamic High School Probolinggo Visit FTP

IMG_0755A total of 22 students of Kiai Sekar Al Amri Islamic High School Probolinggo visited Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) Universitas Brawijaya, on Wednesday (01/03/2017). Accompanied by a teacher, this Al Amri groups received directly by the Head of FTP General Administration, Drs. Fatchur Rahman, MAB. in FTP F.1.2 room starting from 09.00 am.

In his speech while opening the event, the Head of  FTP General Administration, Drs. Fatchur Rahman, MAB. welcome  and explained a glimpse of FTP. “Welcome to the UB’s Faculty of Agricultural Technology. Might be regarded as the best of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology in Indonesia. Because FTP UB have the largest student body around FTP in Indonesia. There is also many accomplishments that we have achieved, both domestic and international level. For example we are the winner of the scientific competitions in Korea as well as the runner up for-food competition in Switzerland. In Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional (PIMNAS) we are also the most gold medal contributor for UB. Even in 2015, we were winning the most gold in Indonesia, at that time UGM won 4 gold while FTP it can got 5. Then in 2016, the FTP team is also the most gold contributor to the university. Of the five gold that were achieved by UB, 4 medals owed to the FTP. Currently we have an about 3500 active student who spread across three departments. For graduate level, FTP is also the only faculty in UB who have the most international accredited study programs. The accreditation is the IFT of the United States to Food Science and Technology Department as well as Asean level of AUNQA certification to and Agricultural Engineering Department and Agro Industry Technology Department. We offer also variety of scholarships and student activity units for channeling the aspirations and interests of students in reasoning aptitude, institutional, sports, art and spiritual. To accomodate and maintenance student entrepreneurship well, there is ABC or Agritech Business Center which is also owned by FTP, “he said.

Meanwhile supervisor Kiai Sekar SMA Islam Al Amri Probolinggo, Maya Ristanti, SH said, “Thank you for the FTP welcoming. Accidentally we’re here to introduce the campus life that is different from high school. We also want to introduce entrepreneurship students at our learners. By knowing the learning process in college directly, we hope it will open the horizons of our students especially those related to the world of entrepreneurship and technological agriculture, ” she concluded.

After debriefing and souvenirs given, the entire entourage SMA Islam Kiai Sekar Al Amri Probolinggo invited to a field trip seeing the various facilities in the FTP as Food Production Training Centre (FPTC / THP Bakery), Technology  Agrochemicals Laboratory, Laboratory of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Laboratory of Food Microbiology and Agricultural Products and Agritech Busines Center (ABC) Corner. (dse)

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