Again, FTP Students Wins Bronze Medal in Malaysia

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Desember 4, 2019
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Desember 5, 2019

Again, FTP Students Wins Bronze Medal in Malaysia

For the umpteenth time, FTP students won awards in Malaysia. This time, a proud achievement came from Rizki Afrilianingsih, Agricultural Industry Technology (TIP) student of 2017. Under the guidance of Gembong Edhi Setyawan, ST., MT, Rizki and his team who were Vocational, FILKOM and FMIPA students together to create innovations in the form of chairs wheels that can be controlled independently by persons with disabilities without the help of others. This work was contested at the International Invention and Innovative Competition in Selangor, Malaysia on 2 November 2019.

The background of this study is the difficulty felt by persons with disabilities to move independently. Rizki and his team made a prototype of the research implemented in the form of a wheeled robot. This research uses hand gestures to control the movement of the wheeled robot so that it can run as desired. The hope, this wheelchair can be applied in the future to help physically disabled people in their activities and can control the movement of their wheelchairs independently without the need for help from others.

Rizki revealed that the newest thing in this study was the method. They use the Kalman Filter method which aims as filtering. This filtering is used as a more accurate input data to move the robot wheeled stably.

International Invention and Innovative Competition is a world-class competition that is looking for individuals or groups both professionals and students to create ideas that are creative, innovative, and able to solve problems in the community/society. The theme raised in this competition is “ Leading Towards Creativity and Innovation “. All selected participants are invited to Malaysia to present their ideas and have the opportunity to publish in the Innovative Scientific Journal (ISJ). (Din)

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