FTP Students Wins Champion in Business Competition at Padjadjaran University

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November 30, 2019
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FTP Students Wins Champion in Business Competition at Padjadjaran University

FTP students brought back the fragrant name of Universitas Brawijaya. Three FTP students won 3rd place in the National Food Plan Competition “Fooderation” at Padjadjaran University. The students are Anisya Salsyabila, Reni Zulismar and Helmi Maulana Ardianysah from Agricultural Industrial Technology (TIP) 2017.

The National Business Plan Competition “Fooderation” is a national competition in the field of business held on November 21, 2019 by the Food Industry Technology Student Association of Padjajaran University and participated by many participants from various universities in Indonesia. The theme raised in this competition was “Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa Based Food Product Innovation in Developing the Creative Industry Sector in Indonesia. This competition brought together many participants from various universities such as UMY, Telkom University, UNPAD, UNDIP, USU, and UAD.

In this competition, they created an innovation in the form of Probiotic Coffee. This coffee is made using Arabica coffee from the coffee plantation area on the slopes of Mount Kawi mixed with coconut milk skim. The coconut milk skim is obtained from the side product processing from Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) production and fermented with Lactobacillus casei. The results of the fermentation product obtained in the form of lactic acid which is beneficial for digestion.

Reni stated that this idea was born due to the fact that coffee drinks are currently becoming a trend, marked by the proliferation of coffee shops in Indonesia. However, coffee consumption currently only focuses on taste. Therefore they want to make good and good coffee for digestion. The idea of ​​adding coconut milk skim was obtained from literature studies in various journals and scientific sources and it was obtained that the coconut milk skim which is rich in carbohydrates has not been used optimally. The coconut skim is then used as a medium for the growth and development of Lactobacillus casei bacteria. In the process, Reni and the team had an in-depth discussion with Dr.Ir. Nur Hidayat, MP as a lecturer in the microbiology of the TIP UB industry.

This work is not only focused on making delicious and healthy coffee drinks. But furthermore, this work becomes one of the ways to utilize coconut milk skim which has the potential to pollute the environment and increase the sale value of Gunung Kawi Arabica coffee so that the welfare of Gunung Kawi coffee farmers also increases. (Din)

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