FTP Students Achieve at LKTIN Dinas Kehutanan Jawa Timur

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Desember 5, 2019
FTP Students Wins Champion in 2019 Greenesy
Desember 6, 2019

FTP Students Achieve at LKTIN Dinas Kehutanan Jawa Timur

FTP UB students Laurensia Elizabeth Gunadi, Naura Mufidah S. R, Henokh Rostiyanti and Audry Naoni Putri succeeded in achieving the achievement by winning the national scientific writing competition of the East Java Forest Service. The scientific paper competition itself, was held by the East Java Forestry Service in order to increase public and young generation awareness about the importance of forest preservation especially in East Java and efforts to develop forest potential for community welfare. The theme of the competition is “Development of the Tahura Raden Supporting Village Soenjo”; “Development of Non-Timber Forest Products (Porang, Bamboo, etc.) in East Java”; “Sustainable Ecotourism in Forest Areas in East Java”. Laurensia and the team won 1st place in the competition. The work of Laurensia and the team is MOJAKOF (Modified Konjac Flour): Innovation Based on Porang (Amorphophallus konjac) Based Fermentation as a Primary Food Product to Introduce and Increase Interest in Non-Timber Plant Use. The final of the competition was held at the Spencer Green Hotel, Batu City on Friday (11/29/19).

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