Creating Good Enviromentalist Through Organization Training Camp

Field Trip of Environmental Engineering Students to MCK Terpadu Tlogomas
Mei 12, 2019
Himatitan Social Project (Agriculture Industry Technology Student Association) “GO GREEN” in Kalipare, Malang Regency
Mei 13, 2019

Creating Good Enviromentalist Through Organization Training Camp

For the sake of being a good environmentalist , not only an understanding of the environment that must be owned, but also the ability to be a good leader. Therefore, FTP UB’s Family Engineering Student Family, conducting an Organization Training Camp as a step to create a better environmentalist. Organization Training Camp or commonly abbreviated as OTC, followed by all KMTL Proactive Cabinet members.

OTC has the theme ‘Kaizen’ or in Japanese meaning ‘Change of Good’. The theme is aimed at making the members become personally better for the creation of a good environment. This event is carried out in two series. The first series is the delivery of organizational material held on March 2. The invited speakers included Auzan Al-Ghiffari, Campus Policy Minister EM 2018, who presented material on time management. Then Hafidz Assad, EM 2019 Coordinating Minister for Youth, who delivered material on professionalism in the organization and Farida Elita, Treasurer of KMTL 2018, which brought kinship material.

The second series of OTC was a two-day and one-night camp at Coban Rondo, Batu, on May 4th-5th. In the second series, this event focused on evaluating the performance of the management for a period of half a period and familial gluing between the KMTL Proactive Cabinet management. The event runs in an orderly and enjoyable manner. The last OTC series was closed with a symbolic inauguration of the board and an impression message from the alumni. The hope is not only to be a good environmental cadre, the management can be a good leader for the future.

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