Training on the use of laboratory equipment with PT. Dharma Karya Makmur Sentosa

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Training on the use of laboratory equipment with PT. Dharma Karya Makmur Sentosa

Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Brawijaya held a training on the use of color Meter and Surface Area Analyzer laboratory equipment for all laboratory staff in FTP UB with PT. Dharma Karya Makmur Sentosa, Thursday (14/09/2023) in FTP courtroom 7th floor.

In his speech when opening the event, Vice Dean II FTP UB, Dr, Dodyk Pranowo, STP.MSi explained that this activity was carried out because the color meter and surface area analyzer tools were needed in the FTP laboratory. Dr. Dodyk Pranowo also expressed his hope that in the future the two tools in question can be owned by FTP which was directly answered by Santosa Kwariawan as director of PT. Dharma Karya Makmur Sentosa with its full support to the needs of FTP related laboratory equipment.

In a presentation on the theory of surface area analyzer, Prihasyadi Slamet Miharja explained that there are several methods used in multistation physisorption analyzers, namely nova serries, quadrasorb-evo and autosorb IQ. Prihasyadi also explained that surface area is important in material characterization because it has a function to determine the surface area of the material, the pore distribution of the material and the adsorption isotherm of a gas in a material.

Meanwhile, Monika Fajar Adityarini, who explained the theory of color meter and spectrocolorimeter, said that there are three main components in color observation, namely light source, object and observer. Furthermore, it is also said that the measurement method is to use reflection and transmission. Also explained about the type of object in question is opaque, translucent and transparent. As a closing before demonstrating the color meter tool, it is also mentioned about two types of instrument geometry, namely 45◦/0◦ geometry and d / 8◦ geometry.

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