Agro-Industry Product Training 2019

ABC MFIs held an Enterprise Schooling “Go To The Extra Mile to Build The Spirit of Entrepreneur” event.
September 15, 2019
Training of Internship For Students By Academic FTP UB
September 15, 2019

Agro-Industry Product Training 2019

HIMATITAN FTP UB held “2019 Agroindustrial Product Training” which will provide many exciting, educative and interesting benefits and experiences. The contents of the series of events include: Product Training by UD. Ridha Nabila Brownies Eggplant and Jam Jam, Business Class by Muhammad Zamzami Al Mabruri owner of SAMBELEO. The fee is 85,000 and this program is specifically for TIP FTP UB students. Facilities include: training materials, intensive classes, snacks, drinks, lunches, certificates, maps, pens, blocknotes, training products (SAMBELEO, Eggplant Brownies and Rose Jam). The time and place of implementation is Saturday, September 28, 2019 starting at 07.00 WIB in the Lab. FTP UB Entrepreneurship. Registration deadline is until 15 September 2019. Come on, register yourself soon!

Contact person
Information: Aulia (081357912016)
(line): auliaafibrianti
Registration: Nabilla (081334656421)
(line): nabillavirr

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