Indonesian Traditional Foods Short Course 2019


  • Study at UB, a world-class university in Indonesia– a heart of Asia
  • Course with a field trip
  • Experiential learning out-side classroom
  • On-campus residential college experience
  • Study & live with Indonesianand international students from overseas universities
  • Social Events – Welcome session, heritage tours, food trails& farewell party


Indonesian traditional food, born from the rich culture that is stretched along the world’s largest archipelago, varies greatly by region and has many influences.  Its indigenous techniques and ingredients were influenced by China, Middle East and Europe, offering a unique mixture and flavor. Aside of its flavorful taste, traditional food is also known for its richness in health benefit, local wisdom and historic value. Faculty of Agriculture Technology, Brawijaya University, which has been conducting intensive studies and research on the topic, holds this summer course to conserve and promote the exquisite of Indonesian local cuisine.

The program will be coached by representative from educators and food industries that involved in series of discussion and sharing ideas. The younger generation has a very important part in conserving and extracting the full potential that is brought along promoting traditional food. Through this summer course program, students around the world can learn more about basic introduction, health aspect and production process that is involved in sustaining the merit of Indonesian traditional food.



The participant will have knowledge about raw materials of Indonesian traditional foods, their processing, quality control, and health benefits.

The participants will have the experience of taste sensation of Indonesian traditional foods.

Participants will have experience to interact with Indonesian traditional food processor through site visit to small industries.

Cross cultural understanding among participants from different countries




Day 1 (7 October 2019)
Lecture 1 Indonesia (overview) and trailer for next summer course
Lecture 2 Introduction to Indonesian Traditional Food (ITF)
Lecture 3  Plant based ITF 1 (Tuber based)
Day 2 (8 October 2019)
Lecture 4 Plant based ITF 2 (Legumes and cereal based ITF)
Lecture 5 Animal based ITF
Lecture 6  Indonesian fermented food
Day 3 (9 October 2019)
Site Visit 1 Tempeh and chips
Site visit 2 Putu lanang / tiwul production
Lecture 7 Indonesian traditional beverages (jamu, bandrex, STMJ)
Day 4 (10 October 2019)
Site Visit 3 UB Forest
Site Visit 3 Wonosari Tea Plantation
Day 5 (11 October 2019)
Participatory Management of Learning and Energizers
Individual presentation Traditional food in participant’s hometown
Site visit 4 Lab sensory
Day 5-Day 6 (11-12 October 2019)
Mount Bromo Field Trip
Day 7 (13 October 2019)
Return to home country


  1. How long does it take to process my online application?You will receive an offer of acceptance email around Julyand you are required to reply to confirm your attendance.
  2. 2. I’m an international student. Do I need to apply for student visa or tourist visa?It is compulsory to have the student visa before you are allowed to embark on the summer course. Please note that you are required to pay the student visa application fee imposed by the Indonesian Immigration.
  3. 3. Is the on-campus Griya UBaccommodation compulsory? Yes, the on-campus accommodation is cumpolsory for Indonesian and international students.
  4. 4.What are the facilities covered by the fees?The course fee includes accommodation, all lectures, seminars, field trip, as well as an extensive social and cultural programme. The fee excludes visa, airfare ticket and airport transportation.
  5. 5. My family and friends are visiting me. Can they stay in my room at Griya UB?Yes, they need to pay accompanying person fees



Application procedure:

The students must fill the application form:


Contact person:

Hendrix Y.S., PhD (Phone/ Whatsapp. +6282332381177)




Course Fees

International student 120 USD
Accompanying person 250 USD
Indonesian student IDR   1.6 million

The course fee includes accommodation, all lectures, seminars, field trip, as well as an extensive social and cultural programme.

The fee excludes visa, airfare ticket and airport transportation.

The scholarship (covering course fees) is available for the first ten applicants


Visa Information


Visitors to Indonesia must obtain a visa from one of the Indonesian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or one of the countries eligible for visa on arrival, that can be viewed here. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

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Nationals who are not eligible for visa free entry or visa on arrival need to apply for a visa at an Indonesian embassy or consulate. Consular and visa service information can also be viewed here.