Status of Accreditation (National / International)

The Department of Biosystems Engineering (TEP) has 3 undergraduate study programs, 1 master program that have been accredited by BAN-PT. Not only national, Five international accreditations have also been achieved, namely AUN-QA in the Agricultural Engineering Study Program since 2015, IABEE in the Environmental Engineering Study Program since 2021, ASIIN in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, and Bioprocess Engineering Since 2022, AQAS in Agricultural Engineering(Master of Science) Since 2023, and EUR-ACE in Bachelor of Engineering Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Since 2022

Study Programs:
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Master program of Agricultural Engineering

  • The Department of Food Science and Biotechnology (THP) has a study program that has been accredited nationally by BAN-PT and internationally by IFT, ASIIN in Biotechnology since 2022, and AQAS in 3 study programs, Food Science and Technology (Bachelor of Science), Agricultural Product Technology (Master of Science), Food Science(PHD) since 2023.

    Study Programs:
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Master program of Agricultural Product Technology
  • Doctoral program of Food Science

  • In 2016, the Department of Agroindustrial Technology (TIP) received AUN-QA international certification. All Study Programs under the TIP Department, namely 1 Undergraduate Study Program and 2 Postgraduate Study Programs, have been accredited by BAN-PT and internationally by AQAS in 2 study programs, Agroindustrial Technology (Master of Science) and Agroindustrial Technology (PHD) since 2023

    Study Programs:
  • Agro-industrial Technology
  • Master program of Agro-industrial Technology
  • Doctoral program of Agro-industrial Technology
  • NoStudy ProgramsDocument NameYearDocument
    1Agricultural EngineeringAUN-QA Certificate2015Download
    2Agricultural EngineeringBAN-PT Certificate2022Download
    3Agricultural EngineeringEUR-ACE2022Download
    4Agricultural EngineeringASIIN2022Download
    5Environmental EngineeringIABEE Certificate2024Download
    6Environmental EngineeringBAN-PT Certificate2021Download
    7Bioprocess EngineeringASIIN2022Download
    8Bioprocess EngineeringBAN-PT Certificate2022Download
    9Master Program of Agricultural EngineeringAQAS Certificate2023Download
    10Master Program of Agricultural EngineeringBAN-PT Certificate2020Download
    11Food Science and TechnologyIFT Certificate2019Download
    12Food Science and TechnologyBAN-PT Certificate2022Download
    13Food Science and TechnologyAQAS Certificate2023Download
    15BiotechnologyBAN-PT Certificate2020Download
    16Master Program of Agricultural Product TechologyAQAS Certificate2023Download
    17Master Program of Agricultural Product TechologyBAN-PT Certificate2022Download
    18Doctoral Program of Food Science
    AQAS Certificate2023Download
    19Doctoral Program of Food ScienceBAN-PT Certificate2019Download
    20Agro-industrial TechnologyAUN-QA Certificate2016Download
    21Agro-industrial TechnologyBAN-PT Certificate2023Download
    22Master Program of Agro-industrial TechnologyAQAS Certificate2023Download
    23Master Program of Agro-industrial TechnologyBAN-PT Certificate2021Download
    24Doctoral Program of Agro-industrial TechnologyAQAS Certificate2023Download
    25Doctoral Program of Agro-industrial TechnologyBAN-PT Certificate2020Download
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