Community Services

  1. Dr. Ir. Nur Hidayat, MP (The Environmental Impact of Industrial Waste and Household Waste)
  2. Novia Lusiana, STP. MSi. (Green Roof with Filter)
  3. Dr. Maimunah Hindun Pulungan, MS (Training on Garlic Functional Food and Beverage Production)
  4. Nur Lailatul Rahma, SSi. MSi. (The Utilization of Waste Paper and Plant Fibers into Art Paper)
  5. Nur Istianah,ST.MT. M.Eng (Introduction of Food Innovation to Communities Around Bendosari Village – Sanan Kulon, Blitar)
  6. Zaqlul Iqbal, STP.MT. (Peanut Peeling Rotary Type Machine)
  7. Dr. Ary Mustofa Ahmad (Corn Sheller Cylinder Type Machine)
  8. Dewi Maya Maharani, STP. MSc. (Production of Chips, Dodol and Jelly Juice from Jackfruit)
  9. Claudia Gadizza Perdani STP. MSi. (Strengthening Institutional Performance through Technical Training based on GMPAKG and SNI of Potato Chips in SME OCEGAN Batu)
  10. Masud Effendi, STP.MP. (Drinking Water Depot)
  11. Dr. Anang Lastriyanto MSi. (Sweetened Condensed Milk Processing with Vacuum Evaporator)
  12. M Kurniawan, ST.MT. (The Application of BMC Concept for Improvement of Hydroponic Vegetable Distribution and Marketing)
  13. Angky Wahyu Putranto STP. MP.(The Use and Maintenance of Drinking Water Treatment Equipment at SDIT Insantama)
  14. Arda Neswari,STP.MP (Improvement of Packaging System, Business Management, and Marketing Strategy)
  15. Vitta Rizki Permatasari STP.MSi (Guidelines for Good Processed Food Production and Financial Reporting)
  16. Dr. Erryana Martati (Meatball Chips Production)
  17. Dr. Panji Deoranto (Noodle Production Machine)
  18. Dego Yusa Ali, STP.MSc. (Good Food Production Methods for Home Industry)
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