Management of Agro-Industry



Head of Laboratory:

  • Dr.Ir. Imam Santoso, MP.


  • Dr. Panji Deoranto, STP, MP
  • Ir. Endah Rahayu Lestari, MS
  • Isti Purwaningsih, STP, MT
  • Siti Asma’ul Mustaniroh, STP, MP
  • Wike Agustin Prima Dania, STP, MEng
  • Shyntia Atica Putri, STP, MP
  • Dhita Morita Ikasari, STP, MP

Laboratory Assistance:

  • Laila Fitriya, STP



Laboratory of Management Agroindustri is one of laboratories in Department of Agriculture Industrial Technology that become one of supporting facilities in studying process of marketing management, work and ergonomic arrangement, production inventory control arrangement, quality management, supply chain management, materials handling and facility layout planning, technology management, and decision analysis.


As the laboratory to hold the practicum

B.  Main Job and Function

The Head of Laboratory

1. Having Responsible to develop science according to the laboratory he led.

2. Having Responsible in managing and developing research, facility and human source in Laboratory.

3. Developing the auspices of research which is strategic both for solving problems in society or developing science.

4. Coordinating with BP3M in Faculty level to dissemination result of laboratory research

5. Reporting the laboratory activity to the Head of Department.

Laboratory Staff

Job      : Holding the Administration Management and Job Program in Bio-Industry Labolatory

Job Description:

  1. Helping the head of laboratory in arranging, holding and developing the laboratory.
  2. Helping the Head of Laboratory in solving the problems that appear out of the regular activity.
  3. Helping the Head of Laboratory in being responsible for holding the laboratory administration activity.
  4. Collecting and archiving the score of practicum, PPL and another test.
  5. Helping to Entry the score data to the Computer.
  6. Helping to archive the syllabus, RPP, Hand Out and Lecture practicum job.

Laboratory Assistant:

  1.  Assisting the laboratory preparation in each semester under direction and instruction from the Head of Laboratory.
  2. Preparing the practicum tools in each laboratory according to practicum requirements that are coordinated by the Head of Laboratory.
  3. Making the activity report for each detriment/shortage/deprivation of practicum tools and give the report to the Head of Laboratory.
  4. Keeping the cleanness of the Laboratory.
  5. Accompanying the lecture and assistant of practicum in helping the practicum.
  6. Taking care of, keep and inventory the tools of laboratory.
  7. Prepare the materials and tools that are used in the practicum.
  8. Doing the job from the leadership.
  9. Having responsible directly to Head of Laboratory


  1. Making the report of laboratory financial and having responsible to the superior
  2. Doing the financial archive of the laboratory
  3. Managing the department practicum  financial
  4. Proposing the financial plan of practicum and practicum coordinator or related lecturer
  5. Discussing the financial plan according to practicum plafond with the Head of Department or the secretary of Department
  6. Inventorying the number of students who follow the practicum
  7. Accepting the DPP fund and practicum from the faculty
  8. Making the SPJ responsibility to the faculty
  9. Having Responsible to the coordinator, the Head of Department and the superior

Lecturer Assistant

  1. Assisting the Head of Laboratory to hold laboratory development planning to support the practicum
  2. Assisting lecturer of courses to prepare practicum module and doing a tutorial discussion of practicum
  3. Acting as a practicum coordinator
  4. Coordinating with laboratory staff in preparing the practical implementation


Become a qualified laboratory in supporting the education and research in Management Agroindustri field.


1. Holding practicum of supporting lecture the management agroindustri skills.

2. Holding the research in management agroindustri field


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