Laboratory of Food and Agricultural Products Processing and Engineering

Laboratory of Food and Agricultural Products Processing and Engineering

Department of Agricultural Product Technology



  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Harijono, M.App.Sc


  • Fitri Handayani
  • Agus Supriyanto

Processing Equipment:

–         Ekstruder

–         Tunnel Drier

–        Digital Cabinet Drier

–         Vacuum Drier

–       Vacuum Oven

–          Vacuum Fryer and Spinner

–         Cup sealer

–         Vacuum Sealer

–         Hammer mill

–         Sorghum dehuller

Practiccum Management:

–         Food Processing Technology Practicum

–         Product Development and Consumer Studies Practicum

Research Agenda (2011 – 2015 Period):

–        Extrusion application for food products made from tuber, cereals and nuts

–        Development of drying technology for fruit and vegetable processing

–        Application of HACCP and GMP in food processing

–        Development of detoxification technology (removal of anti-nutritional compounds) in foodstuffs

–        Application of protein concentrate/isolate production technology

–        Package of fortification technology for enrichment of nutritional content of conventional food

–        Food formulations for handling cases of malnutrition

–        Development of non-rice local food products to accelerate food diversification

–        Development of processing technology for high-antioxidant products

–        Development of extraction technology for the isolation of bioactive compounds

–        Application of crystallization and ultrafiltration technology for food purification

–        Sterilization applications to extend the shelf life of food products

–        Application of Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS) and Modified Atmosphere Storage (MAS) technologies for post-harvest storage

–        Minimally Process application for after-harvest handling of agricultural product

–         Production and development of edible film from starch and protein

–        Application of smart packaging technology for food products

–        Determination of shelf life of food products

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