Community Service of FTP UB Team on MSME Instant Drink Mrs. Roos Malang City

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Oktober 20, 2021
(Indonesian) Gandeng Assistant Profesor Malaysia dan Praktisi PTPN, TIP Gelar 3 in 1 Program
Oktober 24, 2021

Community Service of FTP UB Team on MSME Instant Drink Mrs. Roos Malang City

Four doctors from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FAT), Universitas Brawijaya (UB) carry out a community service program with the title “Introduction of Quality Assurance System and Product Halalness in MSME Instant Drink Ibu Roos (MIR) in Malang”. Instant Drink “Ibu Roos“ (MIR) is a producer of drinks made from natural herbs and spices or better known as “jamu” providing various variants of instant drinks with the potential health benefit.

The team involved in this activity are lecturers of the Department of Agricultural Products Technology (DAPT), FTP UB, lead by Mokhamad Nur, STP, M.Sc., Ph.D, along with team members of 4 lecturers i.e. Wenny Bekti Sunarharum, STP. M.Food.St., Ph.D., Tunjung Mahatmanto, STP. M.Si., Ph.D. and Kiki FIbrianto, STP., MPhil., Ph.D, and a student of DAPT (Fadhil Azkarama). The team made a direct visit to the location on October 13, 2021 and carried out online mentoring activities.

The successor of the current instant beverage business “Ibu Roos”, Nuring Ikaputri (daughter of the late Ibu Roos) appreciate that this activity is very helpful to supports her business of various “Ibu Roos” products, including instant curcuma, instant turmeric, instant ginger, instant white turmeric, instant spice ginger and various other products including herbal capsule products. In this activity, the team conveyed the importance of quality control of MSME products and compliance with applicable regulations in Indonesia, including related to appropriate product distribution permits and of course product halalness. This instant drink product “Ibu Roos” has already received a PIRT distribution permit, but several other products are in the process of registering for a BPOM permit and the process for MUI halal certification. This community service program is one of the implementations of the University’s tridharma mandate, namely “community service”, with the hope that academics can also provide benefits to the community and help providing solutions to MSME problems, based on their fields of expertise.


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