FTP Leaders Runner Up of KORPRI 43th Anniversary Cooking Competition

Yudicium November 2014
November 28, 2014
(Indonesian) PEMILWA FTP 2014
Desember 5, 2014

FTP Leaders Runner Up of KORPRI 43th Anniversary Cooking Competition

pemenang The Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) leaders proved not only master for the management and theory of food science but also able to apply significantly in delicious healthy nutrition food processing at Cooking competition KORPRI 43 Anniversary among faculty throughout UB on Monday ( Dec, 01/2014).

At that KORPRI Anniversary Cooking Competition, FTP team consisting of the Dean, Dr. Ir. Bambang Susilo, M. Agr. Sc. ; Vice Dean II, Dr. Ir. Sudarminto Setyo Yuwono, M. App. Sc. ; and the Head of Administration, Drs. Fatchur Rahman, MAB. managed to amaze the jury and invited guests with dishes made from tofu and brown rice. This is evidenced by Flower Tofu dish which sold out immediately by the audience and the three judges before nutritionists UB as a fourth judge had tasted. Beside Flower Tofu, this FTP team also presents the Special Fried Red Rice and Rainbow Juice.

dekanat Flower Tofu is a snack that made from a blend of shrimp, vegetables and noodles which is crispy outside but still soft inside. Beside crunchy, this dish is a source of protein for gout sufferers. This Flower Tofu also contains low cholesterol and has the ability to prevent anemia and osteoporosis. The FTP team main course is Special Fried Red Rice or special fried rice a la FTP that specially formulated with a secret seasoning using brown rice which is a source of amino acids, complex carb, B vitamins and fiber that not only delicious but also have benefits for health . Red Rice also contain anthocyanins which are very useful as an antioxidant, anticancer, anti-glycemic so good for diabates and anti-hypertensive. Rainbow Juice is a refreshing drink that is not only able to quench thirsty but also rich in fiber, contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients that are good to keep the body healthy and fit because of  its content such as mango, guava, strawberry, kiwi, melon and milk as its basic materials. This fresh juice also have little or even none cholesterol content in it,so it is very safe to drink. Beside that, studies have shown that the antioxidant content in fruits can keep the human immune and have the ability as an anti-free radicals that act as active role as anti-premature aging and other diseases.

DSC_0159This KORPRI Anniversary Cooking Competition Anniversary assess some aspects of assessment, such as the food and beverage taste, harmony between food and beverages served, cleanliness, presenting ways and cooking techniques. Based on these criteria the jury decided the team of Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau UB (BAUK- UB) as the first winner with their total score of 2781, the FTP team as the second winner with total score of 2733 and the team of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) as the third winner with total score of 2688. All winners get a prize trophy and KORPRI special gifts. Beside that, the jury also decided the team from the Faculty of Medicine (FK) as the unite team because they able to cook while swaying to the rhythm of the song. All participants in this contest entitled to one kilogram of fresh catfish. (dse)

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