Farewell and Welcome the Dean of FTP

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Februari 1, 2015
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Farewell and Welcome the Dean of FTP

Posted on 2nd February, 2015, by Dyah Sushanty, in category News

With each passing the reins of leadership, Faculty of Agricultural Technology of Brawijaya University (FTP UB) held an event for Dean of FTP on the 2nd floor in the Auditorium of FTP Building on Monday (02.02.2014). In his speech at the beginning of the event, the Leader of the Committee Mas’ud Effendi, STP. MP., Who is also the head of the Public Relation Information Systems Planning and Cooperation FTP UB congratulated to Dean of the period 2015 – 2019. “Job rotation is normal in the institution. Let’s take the wisdom and lessons from each experience yesterday, and take all the good things that exist. Congratulations to Dr. Ir. Sudarminto Setyo Yuwono, M.App.Sc. FTP as the newest elected Dean, “He explained.

While the Dean of FTP period 2011 – 2015, Dr.Ir. Bambang Susilo, M.Sc. Agr., conveyed, “Being a Dean was very amazing and very unforgettable moment. Moreover, I have never served previously structurally. There are many lessons that I learned yesterday. FTP conditions when I was appointed as the Dean was minus 3.9 billion dollars, and the building is not finished than the number of students was growing up. Alhamdulillah now at the end of my term the building construction has been completed and even a surplus with the mount eight hundred million Rupiahs. Thanks to the Vice Dean 1, Vice Dean 2, Vice Dean 3, the entire faculty, staff, students and KOM (Harmony Parent Student – red) and all the academic community who have been working together and helped me realize the mission of bringing FTP UB become faculty that recognized, well-known and trusted nationally and internationally. May not have been fully achieved, but at least I have laid the foundation of laboratory equipment and infrastructure. Because adequate infrastructure is one of the authorized capital internationalization. One of the principles that I hold is to minimize the political process and maximize competence. Because the political process will inhibit of the wheel institution with competence-based competition, Insyaallah FTP will thrive better. Once again thanks to all parties, and apologize for any hurt and oversight. Congratulations to Dr. Ir. Sudarminto Setyo Yuwono, M.App.Sc. Let us support together. Hopefully FTP increasingly advanced, ” Dr. Bambang Susilo said in front of about 250 invitees.

In his speech, the new Dean of FTP who is just elected for the period 2011 – 2015, Dr. Ir. Sudarminto Setyo Yuwono, M.App.Sc., conveyed, “In the future the challenges which is faced by FTP will be heavier. You could say maybe we will accredit each year. This year accreditation for our two new study programs there are Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering. While some departments in the next year also at the level of international accreditation Asia and IFT based in the United States also has expired. In addition, the Faculty is also preparing cooperation with several universities abroad. In this March we will go to Kyoto University for exchange programs student and New Castle University for the double degree program S1. Also discourse remuneration which would affect the budget. Especially today KOM not help financially, but more as a mediator between faculty with students’ parents. Like in a music concert, a good leader likes a conductor who could coordinate a variety of different instruments to produce a beautiful musical harmony. I implore the blessing and support of all parties. Hopefully I am able to bring the mandate called for me as best as possible, “Dr. Sudarminto explained

After the speech, an event attended by the entire faculty, staff, and students of the full duty was followed by a procession of cutting cone and gift giving as a sign of leadership change. The event was ended with congratulations gift from the entire community of FTP and suave. (dse/translated by Adit)

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