Press Release: Internal Study of Food Care HIMALOGISTA FTP themed Food Waste

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April 13, 2019
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Press Release: Internal Study of Food Care HIMALOGISTA FTP themed Food Waste

In the framework of routine study activities held by the food care division, on Sunday (7/4) Caring for Food Himalogista conducted a study themed Food Waste. This study was held at My Kitchen at 3:20 p.m. This internal study was attended by members of the 2019 food care division of the 2016-2018 class. The study was guided by a moderator namely sister Ayu Wulan Windie, and the speaker from sister Dewi Kartika.

In this internal study, there are several points discussed, namely what is food waste, the factors that cause food waste, the impact of food waste and efforts to overcome food waste. Food waste is any food that should be consumed but not consumed and disposed of for several reasons. Indonesia is the second country that contributes to the most food waste, which is 13 million tons from a total production of 190 tons. Indonesia is under the country of Saudi Arabia whose essence is the number of people in Saudi Arabia is less than the country of Indonesia. This can be caused by a lack of awareness of respect for food. Food waste does not only dispose of food that is ready to be consumed but throws away food during the process of production, distribution, and consumption. One example is damage to vegetable commodities during the harvesting process so that the commodity is not selected for sale and eventually discarded.

The factors that cause food waste include lack of awareness to respect food, buying too much food, preparing too much food for an event, and the lifestyle of each person who is different. Besides that, which is a factor of food waste, it is wrong to handle when the harvesting process results in a damaged result so that when the sorting stage is not selected for sale and eventually wasted.

Many of the impacts produced by food waste include the production of methane gas which can cause the depletion of the ozone layer to cause global warming. By throwing away food not only food is wasted, but we also throw away the energy released to produce these foods. The food we dispose of can be more beneficial for people who are starving.

The effort that can be done in preventing food waste is respecting food, taking enough food and spending is one easy effort to do. Besides that, you can also invite other people to always spend their food like campaigning or creating campaigns. Apart from each individual, the effort to prevent food waste is also carried out by the industry, which is to fully utilize all the materials used, so that all can be utilized and not produce food waste. Utilization of commodities that are not selected by processing into a product is also an effort to prevent food waste, such as being used as compost and animal feed. The treatment of genetic engineering to maintain the quality of a commodity in order to maintain good quality is also an effort in preventing food waste.

By knowing the impact of food waste and knowing how to overcome it, it is expected that each individual has an awareness of the importance of respecting food and preventing food waste. (Din)

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