Dean’s Note


From The Dean

Prof. Yusuf Hendrawan, STP. M.App.Life.Sc. Ph.D

Welcome to the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FAT) at the Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia. I would like to highlight that it is not only Indonesia but the world has also been challenged by food and nutrition security as well as energy security issues. It is our obligation as scientists, researchers and innovators to contribute towards addressing those issues. Therefore, advancements in agricultural technology for sustainable food productions while considering environmental issues, is of great importance.

FAT is one of the largest faculties in the field of agricultural technology in East Java, Indonesia. With 3 (three) Departments and 11 (eleven) Study Programs, we offer you a remarkable opportunity to feed the world and to help the community through food science and environmental-related technology.

FAT has a great reputation due to an extraordinary achievements in the national and international levels. Those achievements are contributed mostly by the students and staff indicating the potential and quality of human resources as well as learning process.

We are committed to be a part of world class University. Therefore we continue in developing a high standard research and education facilities as well as establishing relationships with alumni, partners, and stakeholders. Our faculty and staff are also dedicated to bringing you a high quality education by providing state of the art of teaching and research.

If you are interested to be part of us, or are seeking an opportunity for further collaboration and partnership, or you want to connect with us and support us, we encourage you to browse more information on this website.



Prof. Yusuf Hendrawan, STP. M.App.Life.Sc. Ph.D



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