New Rector Explains about Vision, Mission and Work Program in FTP

Juli 22, 2014
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Agustus 5, 2014

New Rector Explains about Vision, Mission and Work Program in FTP

IMG_0590_1Rector of Brawijaya University (2014-2018 period), Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS with the 1st vice Rector of Academic, Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Suharto, MS. and 2nd vice Rector of Finance and Administration, Warkum Sumitro, SH. MH. explained the vision, mission and work program to all FTP cavities in 2nd floor of FTP building, Thursday (24/07/2014).

That event moderated by the dean of FTP, Dr. Ir. Bambang Susilo. M.Sc. Agr, at that time Prof Bisri explained his vision, mission and also his work program as a new Rector. His vision makes Brawijaya University becomes an international university, competing in Asia 2020 and actively build the nation through Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi. His mission makes international standard education in order to the educators could compete in around the world. Also have a good quality and good behavior, and have an entrepreneurship skill. To make his vision and mission success so he applies the work program : increasing function and work unit harmonization, arrange the UB master plan, International accreditation, laboratory development, human resource development (including the accelerated professor and lecturer, educated laboratory system, and educated staff) and the last is services based on information technology (click technology).

Prof. Bisri confessed that so many things that should be done start from facility and infrastructure, academic, and human resources. So, he makes 100 working days program as a first step to handle the problem to make UB be a better university.

First move that he does is institution accreditation. “Insyallah after Idul fitri UB will get reviewer visitation. In the future UB will be one of the legal university that suggested by DIKTI.” He said.

Another revolutionary program is decreasing accelerated graduation of student and quota newcomer students. This is important to do in order to balancing the infrastructure and the user. This year UB has decreasing 1000 quota students for S1 and next year will be 5000. “The ideal

comparison between S1 and S2 is 60 percents, and 40 percents for post-graduate students, but the percentages is still further from expectation. So step by step we could decrease the newcomer student at S1. For post-graduate students, we will make the academician calendar to revise the administration system and data base record.

The other important thing of new rector work program is structuring park area. This thing has been applying since the analysis in transportation laboratory last april. “ at this time, there is no payment when entering UB in order to decrease the traffic jam, but in the future we are going to use Brizzi card cooperated with BRI. Parking area for FTP will be in the front of Student Centre.” He said.

Repairing plan for utilities and infrastructures will do based on master plan that has been arrange before. Arranging master plan itself based on student stagnation count to calculate the needed of room and lecturers. In the future each room will facilitated with LCD projector and contain of 40 students for pleasure and efficiency of teaching-learning process.

In line with college Tri Dharma as a research centre, next program of Prof Bisri is repairing the research scheme. “LPPM should have many research centers. So BPPM in every faculty must active. We will also support the research between study programs.” Prof Bisri said.

For developing human resources, we are going to make a professor team. The rules will publish. Accelerated professor is necessary because their existence is decreasing in UB caused there are many professor retires. Whereas the rule said, there must be 20% professor in university. We also has a program for accelerating the lecturer rank and educated staff. If the human resource and utilities and infrastructures are in line, UB will grow and develop much better.” Said Prof Bisri. (dse/traslated by Vicky)

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