RIBOSA, Combro Cassava Crackers Full of Nutrition

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RIBOSA, Combro Cassava Crackers Full of Nutrition


Snack growth nowadays, showing how Indonesian traditional food is displaced. The main natural ingredients and the natural traditional processing make the taste of a traditional snack special. The using of natural ingredients makes it has unique taste. This is because, in global era nowadays people prefer all things which are very practical and causing instant popularity of traditional snacks began to deteriorate due to lack of processing that does not keep up with the times. In addition, there is no use of preservatives and with no support use food processing technology, makes the short shelf life and tend to have the look and packaging that are less attractive.

Combro is one of traditional food from West Java which is made from grated cassava with oncom sauce inside and then fried together. Cassava is one of the typical local commodities that are abundant in Indonesia, but less used, but cassava has advantages compared to other food products. Oncom is also typical Indonesian products are also popular or better known as tempeh Semangit which is also typical of Indonesian food. However, with the oncom, the resulting product combro not have long shelf life and is less practical, so that it can be harmful to consumers and producers, which resulted in the popularity of the combro dimmed and the cornering combro as food typical of Indonesia. To that end, we propose ” RiBoSa ” as an effort to lift the name combro as traditional snacks are able to follow the development of the times, good, practical, ensure food security and cheap.

“RiBoSa” (Keripik Combro Cassava) is a modification product of Combro traditional snack. The using of improvisation processing technology becomes “RiBoSa” different with generally combro product which uses cassava and oncom as the main ingredients, also belongs to a group of semi-moist food. “RiBoSa” keep using cassava as the main ingredients, but didn’t use oncom as a raw material, but used tempeh Semangit. In addition, the chips which are crisp on our product provide are making a difference, it gives advantages over existing Combro in general. Powered by packaging with a modern system makes it easy for consumers to enjoy “ribose” anytime and anywhere, and as packaging materials aluminum foil can maintain the safety and quality of our products. ” RiBoSa ” is the spice native to Indonesia as a flavoring to provide the distinctive flavor of the archipelago. ” RiBoSa ” using spices typical of Indonesia as ingredients and flavoring combro like garlic has anti-oxidant properties that add excess product ” RiBoSa “.

Inspired by the popularity of traditional snacks earlier, ” RiBoSa ” is a solution that is capable of lifting the traditional snacks, especially combro. ” RiBoSa ” is marketed through the center of the spread in the region, especially in Malang.

Pinta Rahmaa (TIP 2013)said, “In every product we produce, it always sold out even now there are many consumers who order, because only Rp. 5000, – the consumer can obtain 100g RiBoSa product, which is healthy and delicious, and the variance of the unique spiciness “Biasa ae”, “Pedhes lo” dan “ Pauwedezz”, says the initiator of the ribose. So far the marketing of “RiBoSa” products did by offline and online. Chips Combro RiBoSa can be obtained at the center of souvenirs landscape, and ordered online through Instagram: robosa_mlg, twitter:ribosa_mlg, and facebook: Ribose Malang. (dse/translated by Uswatun Hasanah)

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