Coming soon! Himatitan Professional Training 2019

Good Luck to All FTP Contingents in PIMNAS 2019
Agustus 27, 2019
Together with HIMATETA and ABC, BEM FTP Held CUTEFORIA Activities in Muslimat Kindergarten NU 29 Malang
Agustus 29, 2019

Coming soon! Himatitan Professional Training 2019

This year the Agricultural Industry Technology Student Association (Himatitan) is holding Professional Training. The training offered this time is ISO 22000 Training, FSSC 22000 and Halal Assurance System. ISO 22000 training underlies the Food Safety Management System to assist organizations in managing risks related to food and beverages. FSSC 22000 is related to planning food safety management throughout the food supply chain. While the halal guarantee system (SJH) is a system that connects, accommodates and integrates Islamic sharia concepts related to halal haram, overall business ethics and management, planning procedures and planning, implementation and evaluation in every production / processed relationship. And there are many other things that will be obtained by friends when attending this training. For more information, please follow the social media Himatitan (@himatitanftbub) or contact the contact person below
Contact person:
Usman: 085336372907 / usmansihab12
Talitha: 089625421229 / talithaazzaria

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