SMAN I Taman Visits FTP

Tanoto Foundation Scholarship
Januari 11, 2016
Guest Lecture by Prof. Jhy Tong Teng
Januari 23, 2016

SMAN I Taman Visits FTP

_MG_8859A total of 101 students from SMAN (State Senior High School) I Taman Sidoarjo visited Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) Brawijaya University on Thursday (21/01/2016). Accompanied by 7 teachers, SMAN I Taman was directly welcomed by the Dean of FTP, Dr. Ir. Sudarminto Setyo Yuwono, M. App. Sc., in FTP hall on 2nd floor start from 12.30 pm.

On his speech, besides to say welcome, Dr. Sudarminto also explained about FTP’s profile and achievements. “Welcome to Faculty of Agricultural Technology Brawijaya University. It may be regarded as the best Faculty of Agricultural Technology in Indonesia, because, in addition to FTP with the largest student body in Indonesia, we also had achieved many accomplishments. One of them was on most prestigious student student of 28th PIMNAS that was held on September 2015, FTP won 5 gold, or contributed for half of UB’s 10 gold as the overall winner. Compare to the second winner, UGM (Gajah Mada University) that only got 4 gold. Besides PIMNAS, on the last OSN Pertamina, UB team succeeded to get 2 teams from FTP and both of them won the competition. Not only in term of reasoning, in sports, our shooting athlete also won various competitions for province. Moreover, in arts, FTP has FLOPI BAND that always be a champion. FLOPI BAND FTP even succeeded to be East Java Yamaha Band Ambassador on 2015,” he explained.

“FTP has three majors which were all accredited as “A” by BAN-PT (National Accreditation Body of Higher Education). Two of them have been accredited internationally. Food Science (THP) has Food Science and Technology also Biotechnology for Bachelor Degree Study Program (PS S1) and Food science for Master’s Degree Study Program (PS S2). THP has been accredited international on IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) in United States for undergraduate program. Meanwhile, Agricultural Engineering (TEP) has Agricultural Engineering and Environmental Engineering for its PS S1, and Agricultural Engineering for PS S2. This major also has been accredited international on AUN-QA for PS S1 TEP. Another major in FTP is Agro-Industrial Technology (TIP) that has PS S1 TIP, PS S2 TIP and PS S3 TIP. This year PS S1 TIP is proposing for its international accreditation. We hope that all majors in FTP UB are not only national accredited by BAN PT but also for international in line with its vision to be an excellent faculty in agricultural technology and sciences for international,” Dr. Sudarminto explained further.

Meanwhile, Dr. Endang Setyoningsih, Vice Principle of SMAN I Taman for Public Relation explained, “Thank you for FTP’s welcome. By any chance, we had finished our material on the last January that was continued by school examination on April and followed by National Examination. So it’s time for our students to choose their study continuation. We are here to introduce campus life which is different from high school life. By understanding college learning process directly, we hope that our student may get lecture concept especially for agricultural technology,” she said.

After the discussion and souvenir exchange, the entire entourage from SMAN I Taman Sidoarjo are invited for a field trip to the various facilities in FTP, namely Food Production Training Centre (FPTC/THP Bakery), Laboratory of Agricultural Power and Machinery, Laboratory of Engineering for Processing Agricultural Product, Laboratory of Bio Industry, Laboratory of Agro-Chemic Technology, Laboratory of Chemistry and Biochemistry also Laboratory of Microbiology on Food and Agricultural Product.

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