Creative Solution for Batik Waste Treatment by FTP Students

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Juni 8, 2016
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Juni 9, 2016

Creative Solution for Batik Waste Treatment by FTP Students

gambar alatBatik is one of industrial sector that potential to contribute in nation’s economy. Batik has become nation identity and must preserved, so no wonder if many batik production places compete to produce batik. Many batik industry make the volume of fluid waste increase up. Usually fluid waste due to batik dye throw into the gutter directly without treatment. From the case above, AWAST team offered ideas solution by making waste treatment tools. AWAST is a continuation of Automatic Waste Treatment. These team make a new innovation about applicative and solution waste treatment technology based automation system.

AWAST team consist of 5 great students and one supervisor from Brawijaya University. There are Fidyah, Nestya, Zahwa, Rezita, Fajar and Bu Endrika Widyastuti SPt, MSc. MP as supervisor. AWAST team realize that lack of society awareness to environment and it motivate them to present this technology. This technology become one of ways to waste water treatment. The result expectation from this technology, the fluid waste due to batik dye can reuse for the next coloring step of making batik. Clean water from waste water treatment result is use for rewashing batik in the next production. AWAST team choose UKM Batik Belimbing Malang as their partners to apply their project.  High levels of BOD, COD and TSS of fluid waste in UKM Batik Belimbing is suitable use AWAST technology for the treatment. The design of this technology like as cupboard which consists of coagulation chamber using alum, sedimentation chamber using anaerobic bacteria and bioball,  absorption chamber using absorbent from zeolites and charcoal with automation system consist of an autotimer removal water from one chamber to the next chamber. All components which used is environment friendly, easy to find and easy to use, so AWAST technology is applicative technology for UKM scale.

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