PKM Dikti Socialization 2014

Be the Best, Pesan Dekan pada PK2 FTP 2014
September 3, 2014
September 14, 2014

PKM Dikti Socialization 2014


Faculty of Agriculture Technology, Brawijaya University (FTP-UB) held socialization of Student Creativity Program (PKM) in Hall of F Building FTP 2nd floor, Tuesday (09/09/2014). This event was held by FTP Student Affair Sector with FTP Agritech Research and Study Club (ARSC). The objective of that event is to socialize the newest information about PKM and the best way through PIMNAS 28.

The event was opened by FTP third Dean Helper, Dr. Ir. Elok Zubaidah, MP. with the moderator was Yusron sugiarto STP. MP, one of the Agriculture Engineering lecturers that succeed to deliver his team achieved two silver medals and 2 bronze medals. This event presented one of the PIMNAS jury, Dr. Ir. Anang Lastriyanto, M.Si as a speaker.

One of the trick that explained by Dr. Anang is don’t ever forgot to any writing format that written on the guidance book. “Don’t forget of the new format about the font, space, paper margins, in writing the PKM proposals. Sometimes, this is becoming unconsidered things then be forgotten, whereas that is the writing certainty.” Said Dr. Anang

“Besides it, don’t forget about the compatibility of administration regulation and obligation. The given program compatibility with the chosen PKM category and the proposal creativity. Avoid the repeating topic and the content of intellectual challenge. On the five PKM categories PKM-P, PKM-K, PKM-M, PKM-T, PKM-KC, the students can only choose two PKMs, one of them is leader and member or both of them are member. For proposal topic you can use the topic that will become the central issue such as food tenacity, food and fertilizer, renewable energy, environment, preparation against the Asia Economic Society, or even the material inside building construction for supplying board and teamwork form. Don’t forget that innovation and creativity is number one, but use the Google search to find new chance,” said Dr. Anang in front of 400 students.(dse/translated by Vicky)

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