Internal Field Study (STULAIN) New Students of Agricultural Product Technology 2019

Let’s Support the TIP Lecturer Who Brings the Name of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology in the ASEAN-US Science Prize For Woman 2019
August 17, 2019
(Indonesian) Peringati HUT RI, FTP Ajak Mahasiswa Asing Olah Jeruk
August 18, 2019

Internal Field Study (STULAIN) New Students of Agricultural Product Technology 2019

Penjelasan di Laboratorium Bioteknologi

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Sunday, August 18, 2019, the second day of the Introduction to the THP Department 2019 was held, namely the Internal Field Study (STULAIN). This activity took place starting at 6:00 to 16:00 WIB in the Hall of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. The STULAIN activity was attended by 290 new students majoring in Agricultural Product Technology in 2019. The event was started with checking the completeness of new student items by the Goods Checking Team followed by breakfast with bread and milk that each student had brought. 290 new students were divided into two groups, namely group one and group two for the agenda of traveling around and introducing an existing lab in the THP department. The laboratories visited were Basic Chemistry, Food Chemistry and Biochemistry, Basic Biology, Biotechnology, and FPTC (Food Production and Training Center). The purpose of the introduction of this laboratory is to introduce the functions, laboratory and tools that exist in each laboratory. Subsequently the authorship material was held to support CMP (Creative Mobile Project) activities for the preparation of the chancellor’s cup in the Scientific field. The speaker in the writing field was presented by Elinna Primadiani and THP, Casilda Aulia. The next program was ishoma and continued with the introduction of the second batch group laboratory. The existence of STULAIN is expected to be able to increase knowledge and insight of new students majoring in THP to be more ready to receive practical material. (ER)

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