THP held LOBSTER (Poster Making Competition) for THP FTP UB

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September 5, 2019
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September 5, 2019

THP held LOBSTER (Poster Making Competition) for THP FTP UB

THP Holds LOBSTER (Poster Competition) of THP FTP UB

Especially for you, THP students who care about Indonesian food, there is interesting news!

-Competition for Poster-

The competition to make posters like FTP FTP UB, as your place to express your ideas in the field of food both inside and outside the campus world

LOBSTER is a poster making competition with 3 themes, namely:

1. HMPPI, which is everything you know about this organization, from the structure, history, work program, and many others
2. Solution to a food problem that exists in the world in your way
3. Everything you know about community service, here you can also make posters containing your experiences of serving!

By sending your original poster, you can get a cash prize of hundreds of thousands of rupiah

What are you waiting for??? Let’s make your poster immediately and send it to the contact person
Terms and conditions can be seen on the poster

Contact Person:
✔️ ID Line: Sofialdania
✔️ Line ID: arinda99

This information is thus conveyed. (Din)

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