TIP Holds HI-Desc (HIMATITAN Design Competition) 2019

FLOLETA FTP is back to show off in GFT XXVII
November 4, 2019
GOES ARSC: Vermicomposting Training in Selorejo Village
November 4, 2019

TIP Holds HI-Desc (HIMATITAN Design Competition) 2019

After the packaging design training was held yesterday, now Hi-Desc 2019 is back again with the next series, the Packaging Design and Exhibition Competition which will be held on:

Day: Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Place: Right lobby of F Building FTP

for students who are ready to design their packaging can sound by using TWIBBON below


“Packaging can be theater, it can create a story” -Steve Jobs.

Further information:
CP: 082119751291 / ahmadraka
     081339373132 / hannahzhr

Let’s enliven HI-Desc this time with your best work. (Din)

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