Accreditation Visitation Two Study Programs of FTP

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Juli 4, 2015
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Juli 10, 2015

Accreditation Visitation Two Study Programs of FTP

Faculty of Agriculture Technology of Brawijaya University was visited by assessor tea of National Accreditation Agency-Higher Education (BAN-PT) for three days continuously (06-08/07/2015). Assessor team will do some activities related to accreditation of Biotechnology and Environment Engineering Study program.

Biotechnology Study Program



In the study program, chaired Endrika Widyastuti, SPT. M.Sc. MP team assessor do visitation on Monday and Tuesday (06-07 / 07/2015). On the first day, after a meeting with officials of the FTP Dean, Chairman of the Department of Food Science and Technology, Dr. Teti Istiasih, STP.MP., Chairman of the Program as well as the entire faculty employees in the Meeting Room 8th Floor, assesor team consisting of Prof. Parama Okid Atsirin (University of March – Solo) and Gratiana EW Ph.D (UnSoed – Purwokerto) perform a variety of accreditation assessment. Not only done the documents assessment and colloquium with faculty, students and graduates user, assessor team also had the opportunity to do a teleconference with one of the alumni who were continuing their education in Japan.

On the second day, a team of assessor opportunity to visitation entire infrastructure supporting PS Biotechnology lectures. Among the supporting facilities visited by the team is the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Food Industries Agricultural Products, Processing and Process Engineering Laboratory of Food and Agricultural Products, Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry Agricultural Products, Food Microbiology Laboratory and Results of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Laboratory of Agricultural Products and Pilot Plant Laboratory , The event closed with a compilation visitation, wrap up the closing ceremony along with the Dean Dr. Ir. Setyo Sudarminto Yuwono, M.App.Sc.

Environmental Engineering Study Program


Environmental Engineering Program assessors visited Dra. Barti Setiani Muntalif, Ph.D (Technology Institute of Bandung – Bandung) and Dr. I.L Setyawan Purnama, M.Sc. (Gadjah Mada University – Yogyakarta) during Tuesday – Wednesday (07-08 / 07/2015). On the first day agenda includes an introduction to the ranks of the FTP Dean, Chairman of the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Dr. Ir. J. Bambang Rahadi W., MS. Head of Study Program, Dr.Ir. Alexander stumps Sutan Haji, MT., and all faculty employees in Agricultural Engineering 6th Floor of Courtroom. On this day the assessor team also had the opportunity to engage in dialogue with representatives of students, alumni, graduate users, stakeholders and partners after making asses document.

While the agenda of the second day was focused on the activity field trip to the Central Laboratory of Biological Sciences, Laboratory of Natural Resources and Environment, the International Office, Library, Job Placement Centre, Student Dormitory, Sport Centre and classroom space. On the last day of visitation, the team also had the opportunity to see the exhibition of equipment / Environmental Engineering superior products like Automatic Aeroponic Irrigation (AURORA) which is an application of automatic irrigation technology, Smart Irrigation Monitoring (SIM) or a tool to calculate the amount of irrigation water based on daily weather and Head Lose, counters the speed of water flow due to the friction of the pipe wall by students. (dse/ translated by Ratri)

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