Visit ARSC (Agritech Research Center and Study Club) 2019 “Exploring FTP Science

(Indonesian) FTP Juara II UBAQA 2019
August 22, 2019
HIMALOGISTA Holds Field Study Activities (STULA) to Sharpen Student Knowledge on Industrial Issues
August 25, 2019

Visit ARSC (Agritech Research Center and Study Club) 2019 “Exploring FTP Science

Kunjungan ke BATAN (Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional)

Kunjungan ke Bakpia Pathok 25

Diskusi Bersama dengan ASC FTP UGM

Agritech Research and Study Club has held a visitation held on Wednesday-Thursday, August 21-22, 2019. This visitation is a work program in the field of information and communication. The visitadi was chaired by Dina Wahidah Islamiyah of the 2017 THP department, which was followed by 53 FTP students and 2 supervisors. This visitation starts at 21 in the morning with a departure point at Brawijaya University then goes to Yogyakarta together. The first visit must be to the place of making bakpia pathok 25 to learn how to process the production of bakpia pathok starting from processing raw materials, packaging to sales. In addition, also learn what tools and machines are used during the pathok bakpia production process. Then the second day visit (22/08) to BATAN (National Nuclear Energy Agency) to obtain knowledge related to nuclear, nuclear history, nuclear research, and nuclear applications in many ways. The next visit on the same day was to ASC FTP UGM (UGM UGM research LKM) for sharing related work programs from ARSC FTP UB with ASC FTP UGM to gain new insights and views so that ARSC would be better in the future. (ER)


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