Canvas Painting Workshop by Flocart FTP UB

Design Training Using Adobe Photoshop by KMTL FTP UB
Mei 1, 2019
FTP Represent Indonesia in Malaysia Youth Volunteering 2019
Mei 2, 2019

Canvas Painting Workshop by Flocart FTP UB

Not only academic, FTP’s non-academic students are also honed in Lembaga Kemahasiswaan (LKM) or the Student Institutions, one of which is Flocart. Flocart is one of the Arts Departement engaged in fine arts. In April last week, Flochart held a training on making canvas painting bags that were developed by Aning or commonly known as Cola Cola Art. Activities are carried out at 09.00 to 14.00. participants were facilitated with plain canvas bags and acrylic color paint to paint.

In this training, Flocart members were taught various techniques of drawing on canvas bags to make them look more attractive. Not only being taught how to paint, members who were present were taught how to design and market ready-made canvas bags. The hope, in making this canvas bag, participants can apply it to entrepreneurship in the future.

“The program is very fun. I can learn a lot from Mbak Aning about painting and future prospects in entrepreneurship, ”commented one of the trainees in painting a canvas bag.

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