The 1st Agritech Research and Entrepreneurship Innovation (AGREETION) is held according to the jurisdiction of the Dean of Agricultural Technology Faculty in Universitas Brawijaya. With the collaboration of Agritech Research and Study Club (ARSC) and Agritechno Business Centre (ABC), The Agritech Research and Entrepreneurship Innovation (AGREETION), is conducted as a response towards the program of Deanship of Student Affairs which is targeted towards national and international students alike.

The main theme of AGREETION 2022 is ‘Accelerating the Innovation of Agro-Industry Technology and Business’. Agroindustry plays a major role in the economic development of a country. Since the increase in agricultural production alongside industrialization and urbanization could raise the per-capita income in rural communities, also transforming the country to reach its development goal. This theme is selected to embrace the idea that innovation in technology and bussines could accelerate these goals further.



  • Paper and Poster Competition
    (International Agriteh Research Innovation for Agritech Development)

Sub themes:

  1. Food and Health Security
  2. Environment Innovation
  3. Intelligence Agrotechnology
  4. Sustainable Agroindustry
  • BMC Competition
    (International Business Innovation for Agritech Entrepreneurship)

Sub themes:

  1. Food and Beverage
  2. Service and Trade
  3. Creatice Industry
  4. Start Up Innovation


The fees are FREE. Registration and submission are contained in the guidebook as follows:

  • Paper and Poster Competition (Guidebook): Download Here
  • BMC Competition (Guidebook): Download Here

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